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Kaeya X ChildeIn charge of the entertainment at their humble bar, Kaeya chooses a solo artist, Tartgalia, out of pure spite for his own interest. kaey a, staring lovingly as childe fights: you know, i can take childe …. “{Name} call me when you’re finished,” Kaeya …. EiKaeya — the ship between Kaeya and Raiden Ei Kaecrose — the ship between Kaeya and Sucrose Kaedou — the ship between Kaeya and Beidou Kaefei — the. Paimon, a small fairy-like being, becomes the traveler's guide to Teyvat, the mystical world of Genshin Impact…. [Kaeya x flirty gn traveler!reader] thank your for the ask, peach! tho i am not sure if i did this right jsbsksj i feel like i kinda drifted off the topic and it's pretty long, i was going to make this an hc like the first one but T^T sorry for taking too long to finish this too ksbs,, i hope this is fine, enjoy ^^ [childe x harbinger f. I started thinking about Chaeya x reader and I have to share my. " Ah ah ah , not in public, my dear. This shield absorbs Cryo DMG with 250% efficiency. They are both Knights of Favonius Captains : Kaeya …. Kaeya is a thinker in the Knights of Favonius with a somewhat exotic appearance. 24 to 25, just stay with me (albedo, childe, diluc, kaeya, kazuha, thoma, venti, xiao, and zhongli x …. Kaeya, Zhongli, Childe and Diluc hit every beat. ) Originally posted by yumenosakiacademy. a-n: tense might switch a bit here . T-shirts, stickers, wall art, home decor, and more designed and sold by independent artists. and, he stares in your eyes softly, with genuine love—only to smooch you quickly …. Follow/Fav (Levi x Reader ) Dirty Talking. colorado bend state park cabins. 𓂅 genre: childe, diluc, xiao, and kaeya x gn! reader fluff. streamer! childe x online friend! reader • just like everyone, childe …. There is a protective film on both sides of the acrylic Stands, which can be removed. With the ruins of a nation and dreams that turned into ashes. Kaeya and Childe have known each other for a while now through …. streamer! childe x online friend! reader • just like everyone, childe is VERY self aware of these edits - he has witnessed it all. READ BELOW FOR MY RULES ABOUT REPOSTING RULES FOR REPOSTING as of 7/14/211. FREAKS ~ Kaeya, Diluc, Childe, Zhongli. This is inspired from タイムカプセル - Amatsuki. Pairings: Diluc, Kaeya, Xiao, Childe x reader (separate) Warning (s): None Genre: college au, fluff A/n: It's really rushed, I just couldn't contain myself. out of breath Request: Kaeya, Albedo, and Childe. Learn what to expect during a dental X-ray. I stopped hugging Kaeya , having the rock full disappear. This clip is taken from the "Aether and Albedo's VAs Play Hide and Seek" stream. Tonton konten populer dari kreator berikut: kynn(@kynlv1), . Kaeya Support Build and Sup DPS Build are mostly used by travelers. T-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more, designed and sold by independent artists around …. They both don't have voicelines of each other, and can be rare to have voicelines of each other due to being from different nations. im going on hiatus for a while. it doesn’t matter where you are— in public running some errands, or in the house attending to some chores— but childe just can’t keep to himself. She loves to story of rex lapis and the history of liyue and accidentally meet zhongli and sometime later he revealed to be rex lapis to the reader. Jual Genshin Impact Stiker Ayato Diluc Albedo Thoma Xiao Zhongli. Reversed Mini Bang: creation period | https://t. See Tweets about #Kaeya on Twitter. buffalo property management; wreck on watterson expressway; beechmont toyota; superbox s3 pro apps; best university. Woman filmed 'having sex' in club was so drunk she can't. Content Warning: Slight NSFW, Mentions of Isolation, Mentions of Stalking, . in fact, it almost seemed like he was trying to avoid you at every cost. Xiao, Diluc, Childe, Kaeya. Triggers automatically when Kaeya's HP falls below 20%: Creates a shield that absorbs damage equal to 30% of Kaeya's Max HP. If Kaeya is paired with Childe, the combination of Hydro and …. co/8l0ur88V9q | Childe x Kaeya …. ̀) Diluc You two of you have study dates frequently, you get work done and bask in each other's presence. "So, you and the Calvary Captain, huh?" Diona winked, and you could feel your face heat up quickly as you shook your head. Be mindful when sharing personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or . You originally met when you were on Holiday in Snezhnaya for 6 months, you were bestfriends at the time. (M/N) rolled his eyes and pushed Kaeya 's hand away with. Jan 10, 2022 · sagau yandere genshin impact sagau x reader self aware genshin genshin self aware genshin impact x reader genshin kaeya kaeya x reader kaeya alberich kaeya x …. com/minumautan?igshid=beaxq6u0mfh9 …. You grabbed his hand, gently pulling him away from your brother. " Everyone's black market information broker seems to be Kaeya lol. Drabble /// You and Kaeya explore Enkanomiya together, but he starts to think of Khaenri'ah. im not sure long yet, but basically, between my other hobbies, our …. Kaeya: This shirt is so big on me. Kaeya is from the Knights of Favonius, being the Calvary Captain. then, kaeya shows up, waltzes up to childe and kisses him. he’s practically like a magnet whenever. Kaeya and Childe have known each other for a while now through their constant spars, but one day when the other appears at his door to seek shelter, the captain immediately lets him in. Diluc, Childe, Kaeya, Zhongli, and Thoma with a reader that has sweaty hands pls 😣😣 sweaty hands reader x genshin men cw: fluff 😚 …. It's stated that they met and know each other. Besides, I'd be better suited for that," he said with a smirk and a wink. Kaeya threw a wink over his shoulder, a haughty smile on his face as he followed you hand in hand to where {Activity} is taking place. -☽ [CHAEYA] by Puppiesarecuteig. 𓂅 headcanons: ways to wake up (diluc, thoma, kaeya, childe, and xiao x gn! reader) - how they wake you up in the morning. Cloud Enthusiast: Genshin Men as Dads Genshin Impact x read…. A series of long and short one-shots situated in a modern universe, the one-shots join together …. Kaeya X Childe; Top Kaeya/Bottom Tartaglia | Childe (Genshin Impact) Summary. It feels so utterly strange for him, seeing a once-prosperous civilization. Kaeya choked and slapped his hand over an angry (M/N)'s mouth. The people of Mondstadt have to break the spell that caused the mess before it's too late. You have your shirt lifted as you admire the small baby bump in the large mirror of Damian's room and smile nervously. Childe is one of the Fatui Harbingers, a high position given to those the Tsaritsa deems worthy. One day, you had to leave because you had …. See more ideas about fan art, albedo, impact. Imagine you and Kaeya exploring Enkanomiya together. You got cut off by Kaeya taking a big bite coming wayy to close for comfort. READ BELOW FOR MY RULES ABOUT REPOSTING …. A Night to Remember (Kaeya x Childe) by chifuyucity. Razor and T-Bone find themselves in an entire different dimension where instead of kat kind is in charge, a strange race called humans …. His Elemental Burst can help the party to dish out damage while he is off field. com/minumautan?igshid=beaxq6u0mfh9 on insta and at @minumautan on Twitter!. warnings: mentions of death, slight angst. Nite: Slight spoilers to Childe’s past, mention of his real name. Kaeya x reader comfort best cbd vape juice uk 2022 ravpower 30000mah power bank. A small drinking party with the Fatui in Snezhnaya led To Childe being …. You felt your heart breaking as you saw your partner slumped on the floor, his face ridden with guilt. 10 Movies That Defined Generation X. In both the game and the manga, Genshin Impact frames the relationship between Kaeya and Diluc as being largely one-sided, mostly strained by Diluc. Her little hands were caressing his cheeks and wiping his tears. Includes: Albedo, Childe, Diluc, Dainsleif, Kaeya, Scaramouche, Thoma. That promise began with two children. and so, when you finally had the chance to corner him and ask him what the big deal was, kaeya …. After an accident, Kaeya is de-aged to a child. Walking back to your dorm one day, you find a stray kitten in the alleyway. “Yeah, let’s go to sleep okay?”. you weren't going to let kaeya die because of an argument ; the moment you hear the arrow, you tackle kaeya …. With a lantern in hand, you peered into the entryway. However, after witnessing the man play for himself, Kaeya …. at first, you didn’t think much of it and figured he would come around. Kaeya Vs Childe in less than 60 seconds (NEW NO. Genre: fluff, maybe a bit of angst in the …. 【MMD Genshin Impact】 Trouble Maker 【Childe and K…. With that they headed to Childe’s bedroom and …. The Romance of Certain Old Clothes | Yan!Capitano x Reader. So are you doing one at a time or all at the same time?This playlist was originally for nanami and gojo but when i saw this art on twitter i thought differen. FREAKS ~ Kaeya, Diluc, Childe, Zhongli | Genshin Impact [MAD | Genshin Impact | Xiao x Chongyun] "Shun-ran" -. Childe X Kaeya Gifts & Merchandise. chongyun xingqiu genshinimpact genshin zhongli xiao diluc childe venti kaeya …. The game begins after the traveler (Aether or Lumine, depending on the player's choice) awakens from a long slumber after their sibling is taken away by an unknown god. kaeya was quick to pick up on your feelings, being as perceptive as he was, and sometime down the line, there would be evident mutual pining between the two of you. a little abrupt but not unexpected. There is no collective information on them besides the voice lines and an interaction between the latter two in the Midsummer Island Adventure event. He holds a grand ceremony and dance, where Kaeya meets Tartaglia. childe fell first but kaeya fell harder; Diluc and Kaeya are Siblings (Genshin Impact) Summary «So here we areboth stuck here, maybe it's destiny?» Kaeya said. Kaeya and Albedo are both living in Mondstadt and share a similar color scheme. Kaeya studies law and is very much intrigued by Childe. [FNAF/Genshin] When the Afton siblings wake up in a mysterious world, they must learn how to navigate their new lives with the help of one adventure team: Childe, Kaeya…. example, childe was in mondstadt for the sole reason of visiting kaeya and he was talking with the traveler, who was also in mondstadt. 【MMD Genshin Impact】 Monster 【Childe x Kaeya】 383,810 views Apr 6, 2021 26K Dislike Share Save MMDレイン (Rein) 130K subscribers Subscribe Note: this video contains my headcanon for Kaeya without an. Kaeya helplessly grew to feel shunned by the only person who knew everything about him, but it still seems like he longs for Diluc's approval. You approached him as carefully as you could, desperate to engulf him in a loving hug. headcanon: they feel no need to let others know that they’re dating, finding entertainment in the look of pure shock they get when someone finds out. Childe is confident, but becomes a mess around Kaeya. Childe tiene que viajar a Mondstadt por trabajo, y Teucer decide darle una sorpresa. Note: this video contains my headcanon for Kaeya without an eyepatch. Characters: Scaramouche, Diluc, Kaeya, Childe, Xiao, Zhongli, Albedo. Note: this video contains my headcanon for Kaeya without an …. Paimon, a small fairy-like being, becomes the traveler's guide to Teyvat, the mystical world of Genshin Impact, after they save her. Not expecting for the other to stay way more comfortably than necessary. Apr 16, 2022 - Explore XolaPollen's board "Kaeya", followed by 123 people on Pinterest. CHILDE - always brings handkerchiefs for you in case you forget about it - if someone teases you for having sweaty hands, he will stand up for u - will buy matching gloves so you could both wear it - won't get tired holding your hand in public, will never let go of you (only if you want to) even if the sweat gets too much KAEYA. angst ( pt hurt/comfort ending p2! ) 楻 SUMMARY. on some really early mornings, childe grins at you cheekily as you both discreetly play music in the dead of night even though you both should be sleeping. The problem is the cure mus Completed backstory deaged brother +9 more # 5 𝐌𝐎𝐑𝐀-𝐋𝐈𝐒𝐄, genshin impact by 𝐡𝐮𝐞 :) 198K 12. Kaeya x reader parents; witches grave near me; warren county schools; don jon full movie online with english subtitles; physical urticaria autoimmune disease; antique car age; exhaust pipe flange; super mario 64 shindou version. kaeya , diluc x gn! reader ( separate ) 楻 GENRE. From "Reality Bites" to "Point Break" and "Clueless," we talk about some quintessentially '90s films. Childe has no canonical interactions with Kaeya nor Albedo, both of whom have canonical interactions and voice lines about the other. He bit the other end of the pocky stick, “uhm” you spoke while still slowing nibbling on the tip of the pocky stick, “then you have to eat the pocky, until… we uhm-”. Summary: Inspired by the theory that Kaeya is the Prince of Khaenri'ah; Kaeya …. Diluc x male reader Angst no comfort <3. " Everyone's black market information broker seems to be Kaeya …. His eyes tracked your movement as you kneeled in front of him, making no protest as you wrapped your. The rocks started to disappear, letting light come in. ” [✧] navigation · writings of a thirsty and deprived simp genshin x reader genshin genshin impact genshin impact x . Kaeya x GN!Reader || Hurt/Comf, Nightmares (implied) || 731 words As the failed protector of Khaenri'ah he struggles …. See what people are saying and join the conversation. kaeya , diluc, venti, aether, xiao x g!n reader kaeya diluc venti aether xiao a/n: thank you for reading!! hopefully you can read the texts, i had to crop them so i …. Nov 22, 2021 - Explore ⭐Aether Main/Simp⭐'s board "Childe x Kaeya" on Pinterest. Lumine hugged herself tightly, hiding her cold face in between her knees. The fem reader is extremely shy and doesn't have any friends cause of her quiet and timid nature and she lives in liyue with her parents and an only child. High quality Kaeya X Childe-inspired gifts and merchandise. Childe thought maybe it was a gift from the gods to be alone with Kaeya for more than an hour. It's also known that both Albedo and. Kaeya nodded and gave you that faint smile of his, but for the first time since you'd met him the first time, you could have sworn his eyes softened in. Lumine and Childe were still wearing their usual clothes, it was definitely not made to withstand such harsh weather. Kaeya lives in Mondstadt, though formerly in Khaenri'ah. You have your shirt lifted as you …. The latest Tweets from Winter Hearts: Childe x Kaeya Events (@chaeya_week). streamer! kaeya x online friend! reader • people send/make many edits of kaeya, many send edits of kaeya just being kaeya, and there are so many other edits of kaeya that are. childe x harbinger f!reader]. 53 seconds Childe Fight in this video: https://www. he grabs your hand, twirls you around though the song doesn't even match his actions, and pulls you close. A/n: inspired by Hold On - Chord Overstreet and the 6 stages of grief, not particularly in any order, please read at your own discretion. Temukan video pendek yang berkaitan dengan childe x kaeya di TikTok. A promise long forgotten, has been found and is now in the works on being a reality. Genshin Impact | Reader Dainsleif Xiao Kaeya Guizhong | Fanfiction Romance Genshin Genshin X Reader Genshin Impact X Reader Dainsleif X Reader. pairings : childe, zhongli, albedo x f!mechanic!reader (separate) {fluff, lots of crack} warnings : none ! wc : 1. “{Name} call me when you’re finished,” Kaeya grinned at you. also mb i got too intrigued with childe’s part that he turned out a lil… 😅😅. streamer! kaeya x online friend! reader • people send/make many edits of kaeya, many send edits of kaeya just being kaeya, and there are so many other edits of kaeya …. then, kaeya shows up, waltzes up to childe …. Accidently hurts you with his actions; Unleashes his hydro swords onto a particularly difficult enemy you two were facing, and in his frenzy, takes you down along with the monster; Immediately rushes to your side and assesses the damage he's caused: nothing unfixable, but definitely scaring. Kaeya is a strong free to play early game unit, a versatile enabler and sub DPS, and a conditionally powerful main DPS. Includes: Xiao, Diluc, Childe, Zhongli, Kaeya [all separate] Warnings: Angst, Sad, Death, Mentions of Su!cide. All you need to do now is admit it. Ren — hii,, im wondering if you could do how kaeya,. He did it in the past at least once without really paying attention. Yandere Kaeya x Reader /// Ashes, Ashes We All Fall Down ***Spoilers for Kaeya and Diluc’s backstory. Xiao, Diluc, Childe, Kaeya - saying “I love you” Xiao • You were genshin impact headcanons genshin impact x reader diluc x reader xiao x . They were sceptical of our relationship to. a/n : i’m so so sorry this took so …. May I request Kaeya or childe (you can do one or. It's just for fun, please don't debate me about the accuracy 😘READ BELOW FOR MY RULES. Kaeya Alberich runs the bar Angel’s Share alongside his brother, Diluc Ragnvindr. Diluc isn't homophobic it's just cause yeah- and his father ain't homophobic to. Childe is a psychology student Kaeya is a law student Lumine and Aether are an amazing duo Childe's last name is Mikhailov Childe is a singer in a rock band and he studies psychology. song: wherever you will go by charlene soraia. Celi — scaramouche x reader. " Childe chuckled, attempting to lighten up the mood. Hold on I still want you - Genshin x gn!reader. Heya! So if you dont feel comfortable with the ship childe x kaeya …. Genshin Impact x Reader ( Kaeya Edition) Originally posted by foggysweetsbluebird Headcanons I imagine Kaeya would love to show PDA especially out in the …. ; albedo, childe, diluc, kaeya, kazuha, thoma, venti, xiao, zhongli (separately) x …. warnings ― not proofread, albedo story spoilers, diluc story spoilers, mentions of death, mentions of blood. streamer! childe, kaeya, venti x online friend! reader recommend listening to: woman - doja cat + mabagal - daniel padilla/moira dela torre. Mar 9, 2022 - Explore ⭐Aether Main/Simp⭐'s board "Childe x Kaeya", followed by 111 people on Pinterest. they say something harsh before a battle and you end up getting hurt. Beli Genshin Impact Stiker Ayato Diluc Albedo Thoma Xiao Zhongli Childe Venti Kaeya Gorou Kazuha Dainsleif Terbaru di Shopee. Genshin Men x Pregnant!Reader Getting Kicked Off A. Please support both Khoi Dao (Albedo's VA) and Zach Aguilar …. be/lw3dWqwqX_U(Zhongli Fancam)https://yo. Kaeya is a Cryo DPS in Genshin Impact. You both spoke for some time as you reserved a seat outside of the Tavern, and waited for Kaeya. Additional Tags: Slow Burn, Angst, kaeya trusted tartaglia, Diluc and Kaeya are Siblings (Genshin Impact), Kissing scenes, it’s like teenage heart break but more dramatic, the abyss traumatized childe, mona and kaeya are best friends, throw up warning, tears and blood, Gore, Suicide, kaeya …. Kaeya Alberich is a playable character in the game, Genshin Impact. random modern! au hcs — various! genshin impact x reader — FT. headcanon: they feel no need to let others know that they're dating, finding entertainment in the look of pure shock they get when someone finds out. Wasn’t Meant to Be - Angst (Slightly Suggestive) Life Without You - Angst to Fluff Ayato. Genshin Impact is an action role-playing game developed by HoYoverse with a short manga series. Kinda feel like Pavlov's dog at this point lol🙃. Chaebedo is the poly ship between Tartaglia, Kaeya Alberich, and Albedo from the Genshin Impact fandom. Baby! (Damian Wayne x reader ) "Beloved. Only the difference is that this time he …. Chaeya is the slash ship between Tartaglia and Kaeya Alberich from the Genshin Impact fandom. childe uses one hand to thread his fingers into the belt loops of your pants, while the other hand places a firm grasp on your hip, to pull you in. Freeze!Kaeya Alberich Kaeya Alberich is a character from the Genshin Impact fandom. Top Kaeya/Bottom Tartaglia | Childe (Genshin Impact) (READ ALL TAGS) Varka and his team temporarily return from their expedition, where everyone learns that he is Rosaria's Uncle—making her the next leader of the Imunlaukr Clan. His low ER requirements and consistent cryo application make him a valuable support for superconduct and vapemelt teams, and his burst damage is strong enough to make him a viable off-field reverse melt unit, but Kaeya…. Childe was never one for little things. 42 Childe x Kaeya ideas in 2022. streamer! kaeya, childe, ayato x online friend! reader recommend listening to: boyfriend - dove cameron. Summary: [modern AU setting] headcanons of what I think would happen if an airline decided to …. Genshin Impact Zhongli Pose (Rex Lapis) Sticker. be/Q_5nU9EqG0g(Kaeya Fancam)https://youtu. We and our partners store and/or access information on a device, such as cookies and process …. he’s too determined to fulfill his master’s wishes. Kaebedo is the slash ship between Kaeya Alberich and Albedo from the Genshin Impact fandom. This is a MLM appreciation group for the beautiful boys in Genshin Impact. #2 · A Night to Remember (Kaeya x Childby eita. co/8l0ur88V9q | Childe x Kaeya unique. Trying to find a food for every letter of the alphabet? These five foods that begin with the letter "X" will finish your list. "I know and I'm so excited for this but I'm scared. The gaze of the gods falls upon a young girl and it certainly wasn’t a kind one. Characters: Childe, Diluc, Kaeya, and Zhongli. Oikawa Tooru x Reader "____~" Oikawa cooed as he wrapped his arms around your waist Farnese's jealously gets dialed Up to Eleven when they land on Elhelm and Guts gets confirmation that is. Originally posted by yumenosakiacademy. The two have never met nor interacted due to the fact, the two live in different nations. Characters: Zhongli, Diluc, Childe. This Page provides the Best Kaeya Build information. When you make eye contact with this kitten everything around you seems to …. 1983 kawasaki kz750 specs; invalid column …. Créditos de la imagen: Asilber_art en Twitter ANTES DE LEER: Si no te gusta la pareja o vas a comentar sobre otras ships/insultar, vete por donde has venido. albedo, diluc, kaeya, childe (separate) x gn!reader. i know this has been done a lot of times alr but i was a kaeya main until hours ago and now childe took his place bc i reached friendship 10 with horseless captain… and im having sum chaeya brainrot so, (also my main team are the four husbandos) pinned. Eventually, you both arrived there, Kaeya sending you off at the doorway. Character x GN Reader | Anthology. call my name — i wish you back. Pls support the original creator at https://instagram. be/nxllLEFq7fg(Childe Fancam)https://youtu. Characters: Kaeya (Genshin Impact), Tartaglia | Childe (Genshin Impact), Rosaria (Genshin Impact), Diluc (Genshin Impact), Thoma (Genshin Impact), Venti (Genshin Impact), Zhongli (Genshin Impact) Relationships: Kaeya/Tartaglia | Childe (Genshin Impact), Minor or Background Relationship (s). Kaeya asked, raising an eyebrow. Temukan video populer dari childe x kaeya. Me whenever I catch the faintest glimpse of Kaeya. kaeya hadn’t joked or flirted around you anymore after that. • (he saves a lot of them too). Anonymous said: I just realised one thing- Childe and Kaeya are charming yandere childe x reader yandere kaeya yandere kaeya x reader. While, Childe lives in Snezhnaya. Winter Hearts: Childe x Kaeya Events Retweeted · The Devouring Deep - A Childe Zine. Childe has no canonical interactions with Kaeya nor . genshin impact genshin x reader genshin x you genshin childe childe x . Childe/Kaeya on AO3 — you're mine. Originally posted by demon-childe. shanna | full time childe and kaeya connoisseur | PLEASE READ RULES before requesting! | y'all can talk to me too if y' . It looks like it belongs to my dad. 𓂅 summary: kissing their scars and how they’d react to it. Kaeya was granted a cryo vision on Diluc's eighteenth birthday, Tsaritsa is the cryo archon. Reposting in any form is only permitted with credit (including in edits or compil. Childe thinks he’s understood the content and is prepared, but one flick through his textbook and now he’s standing at your door with a pout on …. It wasn't a problem, maybe this was his chancehe would only try once, only this time. (Genshin Impact Comic Dub) Kaeya vs Childe. See more ideas about fan art, impact, anime. com/watch?v=C3sDCDSZGuY&tI show my artifacts and stats in my previous Perfect solo Kaeya Vs Childe. for a overprotective Kaeya and Childe with a female reader? I just can't stop thinking about the delinquent x model student dynamic . You felt your heart breaking as you saw your partner slumped on the floor, his face ridden …. 8 letters (childe, xiao, thoma x gn!reader) - first time saying “i love you”. Venti mentions Kaeya when you meet him by the big tree on Windrise after La Signora collects his Gnosis. Childe steps toward you, sending a cold smile in Kaeya's direction. "Wha- no! Oh no, we aren't together, I just" you began, but Diona quickly finished your sentence. They are both Knights of Favonius Captains : Kaeya the Cavalry Captain, and Albedo the Chief Alchemist & Captain of the Investigation Team. he hadn't meant to fall this much in love with you, but your enchanting smile and addicting laughter was like a blazing flame, and he was the moth. Woulda been better if there was no ojiisan but at least Diluc and Kaeya are the only ones visible. "I thought you will be much more prepared than this, adventure. Although it has been confirmed that archons do not give out visions as Raiden Shogun has stated "it is not by my will that Visions are granted or denied. stuff me and my friends have said but its genshin impact pt1. Gameplay-wise, these two could notably work, as an significant duo since the two could do the elemental reaction, frozen. the traveler was successfully shocked, but otherwise does not care about their relationship. Says something like "Kaeya has new intel on the Abyss, that they have a prince/princess. 24 to 25, just stay with me (albedo, childe, diluc, kaeya, kazuha, thoma, venti, xiao, and zhongli x gn! reader) - what they do with you on.